CRABI Robotics

Cleaner Ships for Cleaner Skies


CRABI – the Crud Removal Autonomous Brushing Instrument – is a fully autonomous marine robotic system designed to conduct in-transit cleaning of marine vessels, removing biofouling.

By cleaning hulls continuously, CRABI guarantees optimum fuel efficiency and coating performance. CRABI is rapidly installable and configurable for all vessels, ready for use without drydock time or significant modifications.

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Save fuel

High-frequency grooming saves fuel

Minimize downtime

Minimizes vessel downtime compared to existing cleaning methods

Simplify cleaning

No complex cleaning logistics or scheduling like port-specific cleaning

Fight invasive species

Access to invasive species controlled harbors

Save inspection costs

Automatic hull inspection reports

Help the environment

Reduces Greenhouse gas emissions

IMO compliance

Enables IMO CII regulation compliance

Prolong coating life

Gentle grooming avoids damage from abrasive traditional cleaning technologies

Together, We Can Turn the Tide

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